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2018 - Psychothriller – 20 min


During a confessional session, Priest Benedikt encounters an unknown man who inquires about his last sermon. It soon becomes apparent that the two men have a history with each other, one that they would prefer to keep hidden. As the confessional session progresses, it turns into a dangerous game of life and death, with each man fighting to protect their secrets and their lives.


Cast: Heikko Deutschmann, Pascal Ulli

Directed by: Antoine Dengler

Written by: Regina Dietl

Produced by: Hannes Höhn, Marvin Rössler

TV Com. Editors: Joachim Lang, Elisabeth Serr

DoP: Fabian Gamper

Edited by: Moritz Poth

Prod. Design: Marta M. Jeszke, Marian Korenika

Costume Design: Ella J. Ebsen

MakeUp: Heidi Wick

Sounddesign: Marc Eyrich

Music: Nicolai Krepart


Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, SWR, ATROPOS Film.

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