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2019 – Western – 27 min


Simeon and his two sons Jonah and Aaron are among a group of cowboys crossing a mountain pass. As they set up their night's lodging in the middle of the mountains, shots are suddenly fired from ambush, resulting in Aaron's death. With the weight of his brother's murder on his shoulders, Jonah must now take on the responsibility of bringing his brother's killer to justice.


Cast: Jonathan Berlin, Tony de Maeyer, David Schütter, Michael Pink, Burak Yigit

Directed by: Joscha Douma

Written by: Belo Schwarz

Producers: Rüdiger Heinze, Stefan Sporbert, Hannes Höhn

Producer: Ina Blus, Moritz Helmes

TV Com. Editors: Brigitte Dithard, Barbara Häbe

DoP: Fabian Gamper

Edited by: Nico Schlegel, Robert Stuprich

Prod. Design: Mona Cathleen Otterbach

Costume Design: Tanja Gierich

MakeUp: Heidi Wick, Franziska Monden, Nina Düffort

Sound Rec.: Marc Eyrich

Sounddesign: Marco Schnebel

Music: John Gürtler


Production: Zum Goldenen Lamm Filmproduktion, ATROPOS Film, SWR, arte

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