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2021/2022 – TV-Series - Thriller

8 x 30 min - Freelance Producing on behalf Studio Zentral


In an isolated village in the Black Forest, a series of mysterious deaths occur. The righteous policewoman Tanja is the only one who suspects that a great secret from the past is hidden behind these incidents. Against the orders of her superior and the resistance of the village, she sets out on her own to investigate and soon discovers that the young, charming country doctor Fabian is involved in the mysterious series of murders. The series was produced by Studio Zentral for SWR and is available until September 2023 in the ARD media library and is available on Netflix since May 2023.


Cast: Lou Strenger, August Wittgenstein, Heiner Lauterbach, Nicki von Tempelhoff, Ulrike C. Tscharre, Andreas Anke, Michaela Caspar uvm.

Directed by: Hanno Oldedissen & Lea Becker

TV Com. Editor: Katharina Dufner

Creator: Marc O. Seng

Producer: Lasse Scharpen

Producer: Hannes Höhn

Written by: Marc O. Seng & Maike Rasch

Casting: Ana Davila

DoP: Carol Burandt von Kameke & Karl Kürten

Edited by: Renata Salazar Ivancan & Denize Galiao

Music: Max Filges, Christoph Schauer

Prod. Design: Peter Robert Schwab

Costume Design: Nicole Hutmacher

MakeUp: Conny Düker & Jessica Mathies


Production: Studio Zentral / Network Movie, SWR, ARD Mediathek

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