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2014 – Drama – 32 min


Hanna and Lena are sisters who dream of opening a bar on an island by the sea. To raise the money, Hanna picks up men in upscale clubs, spends the night with them, and copies their front door keys. Later, she and Lena steal from apartments together. Finn, a young rich man, is supposed to be Hanna's final job. However, everything is different with him: he refuses to sleep with her and is charming and sincere. Hanna finds herself not only confused about her feelings for Finn but also about her relationship with Lena.


Cast: Kristin Suckow, Jasna Fritzi Bauer, Timo Jacobs

Directed by: Antoine Dengler

Written by: Vasko Scholz

Produced by: Marc Junker, Johannes Kunkel

Line Producer: Hannes Höhn

TV Com. Editor: Joachim Lang

DoP: Christine Niemann

Edited by: Fabian Gustus

Prod. Design: Johanna John

Costume Design: Tanja Gierich

MakeUp: Hanna Riehm

Sound Rec.: Marco Rottig

Sounddesign: Marvin H. Keil

Music: Marcel Walter

VFX-Supervisor: Martin Grötzinger


Production: Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, SWR, BR, arte

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