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2022 – ZDF-Web-Series

Children – 10 x 20 min

Freelance Producing on behalf of Studio Zentral


"The ECHT Series" is a contemporary adaptation of the Norwegian drama series "Lik meg". The series focuses on friendships, honesty, trust, lies, and exclusion among seventh-grade students. Every week, several non-linear scenes from the everyday lives of the main characters are published in the media libraries of ZDF, KiKA, and on YouTube. The events are bundled into classic 20-minute series episodes on weekends.


Cast: Aleyna Kus, Shahriar Sadehian, Emilia Plath, Nhung Bao Ngoc Lé, Eddie Scharenberg uvm.


Directed by: Berthold Wahjudi, Victoria Schulz, Âni Nguyen

Tv Com. Editors: Jens Ripke, Carmen Daut, Thomas Burkart

Written by: Riccarda Schemann, Maximilian Kaufmann, Berfin Sönmez, Sophia Ayissi, Sophia Bierend

Producers: Lasse Scharpen, Christine Hartmann

Producer: Hannes Höhn, Olivia Kpalété

Casting: Raquel Dukpa

DoPs: Giulia Schelhas, Adam Graf, Moritz Dehler

Edited by: Laura Hölzel, Sarah Maria Franke, Carola Sultan Keller

Prod. Design: Katherine Halbach

Costume Design: Aline Hollstein


Production: Studio Zentral / Network Movie FFP GmbH, ZDF

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